Raster VS Vector

Raster VS Vector

Raster Art Files are like photographs. They're made up of tiny dots, just like the pixels in your camera. Think of them as those cool action shots of players on the ice. But here's the catch: when you try to make a photo bigger and bigger, the dots start to show, and it gets all blurry, like trying to zoom in on a small player from the bleachers. Raster files (like JPGs) are perfect for photos but not for jersey designs because they get fuzzy and pixelated when we try to stretch them out.

Vector Artwork Files, on the other hand, are like superhero blueprints. They use math to describe shapes and lines. Imagine designing your superhero jersey with building blocks; you can make it as big as you want, and it will always look sharp and clear. That's what vector files (like AI, EPS, or SVG) do. They're perfect for creating custom logos and graphics that can be resized without losing quality. So when we want to put your team logo on the jersey or make awesome designs, we need vector files to ensure they stay crisp and clean no matter the jersey size.

In a nutshell, raster files are for photos and vector files are for creating superhero designs for the jerseys we make. If you want your jerseys to look unbeatably awesome, please provide us with those vector files! 

PS. Taking a .jpg or raster image and saving it as a .ai or .pdf or .eps etc. does not transform a raster image to a vector image. Converting a JPG (raster image) to a vector file isn't as simple as clicking a button because it involves recreating the image from scratch in a vector format. If you need us to create new artwork please let us know. Art fees may apply.

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