Leanne Fahy

Fashion Designer

The HTR Story

Introducing Leanne, the creative force behind Hometown Rivalry—a fashion powerhouse with a penchant for crafting jerseys that steal the spotlight! Since 2003, Leanne has been the driving force behind Hometown Rivalry, transforming her love for fashion into a thriving business based out of a charming log cabin in Small Town Ontario.

With a knack for design and a flair for the dramatic, Leanne's journey began in the sock-making world straight out of college. Since then, she's strutted her stuff alongside high-end designers, stitched up elegant wedding dresses, and even helmed her own fashion ventures.

But it was her love affair with sports jerseys that truly captured her heart. From the cozy confines of her log cabin studio, Leanne infuses each Hometown Rivalry creation with a dash of hometown pride and a pinch of rivalry spirit. With her designs, every jersey becomes a statement piece, blending style, comfort, and a whole lot of team spirit.

So whether you're cheering on the sidelines or making a fashion statement in the streets, Leanne and Hometown Rivalry have got you covered—from Small Town Ontario to the big leagues!